PaQuí Tequila Holiday Gift Guide

As the holidays come rolling around, here at PaQuí we’re inspired to get into the agave spirit.
Letting a colleague know you appreciate them, inviting loved ones over to celebrate, presenting the perfect gifts to everyone on your list - each of these scenarios requires a bit of personalization and a thoughtful touch.
But when it all needs to be planned, gifted, and finished within a couple of months, we understand the overwhelm and stress that is often associated with the holidays. That’s why we’ve put together a tequila gift-giving guide to help you navigate the holidays the right way.
Here are a few ways you can incorporate the gift of PaQuí tequila into your holiday gift-giving and celebrations.

1) Holiday Housewarming Gifts

Have any friends moving into a new home around the fall and winter season?

What better way to christen your friend’s or family’s new house than with a bottle of smooth, delicious tequila they can sip on anytime to get into the spirit?

It’s a less expected way to get them started on a new, more adventurous liquor cabinet!

Plus, the gift of PaQuí doesn’t just provide a boozy lift to the day, but also serves as a lifelong memory of sharing in the camaraderie of close friends.

Every cocktail mixed or stiff drink drank neat serves as a reminder of the happiness of a fresh start, and ushers in years of celebrations in their home.

2) Finding the Perfect Taste For Holiday Gifting

For the tequila aficionados in your life, impress them with your newfound discovery. Remember how stunned you were with how smooth and aromatic tequila can be when you first tried PaQuí?

This is a perfect holiday gift that will continue to give as they are bound to be inspired to discover all our three types following their first sip.

Whether their taste preference is sweet, smoky, or somewhere in between, we have the perfect accouterment to their sipping pleasure.


From the enticing floral and grassy aromas, to the first note of sweet agave fruit on the tongue, followed by vanilla, pepper and mineral notes, Silvera shines when sipped neat. But it’s agave-forward taste profile and complexity will enhance any cocktail.


A beautiful balance of agave fruit and light vanilla from the oak, making this spirit perfect for sipping or a range of cocktails like a tequila old fashioned, Mexican mule and mellow margaritas with a kick.


Silky and rich with vanilla, caramel, butterscotch and custard flavors, Añejo also adds little floral notes and lingering oak that create a mellow and soothing tequila meant to be sipped neat. Añejo also functions very well as a whiskey substitute in cocktails.

3) Celebrate Together With A Featured Drink

If you are the host of this year’s holiday celebrations, a premium tequila mixed into a featured drink can help set the mood the moment your guests arrive.

Here are some of our favorite holiday cocktails and drink recipes:

A seasonal take on the classic summer cocktail, PaQuí's Spicy Apple Cider Margarita is the perfect drink for cold, wintry nights. With apple cider substituting some of the lime juice, and a splash of cinnamon and cayenne to kick things up a notch, get ready to get cozy with this sweet and spicy cocktail.

A wintry take to the traditional Paloma, we've balanced the tart flavors of cranberry juice with the sweet tang of pomegranate juice for a delicious cocktail perfect for holiday gatherings.

A relatively recent cocktail, the Revolver earned its place in San Francisco where the theatrics of the flamed orange twist caused quite the stir. With sweet notes of chocolate, bright aromas of citrus, and calming earthy tones of coffee, the PaQuí Revolver is a perfect after-dinner or dessert drink designed to delight your senses.

The gift that keeps on giving for all the spirit-lovers in your life, PaQuí tequila is here to make your holidays a little easier and happier. Join us in the agave spirit and start gifting PaQuí to spread the joy and positive spirit!