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The smoothest luxury tequila in the world.

Expressing the alluring aromas and flavors of blue agave through its proprietary Selective Distillation.

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paqui silvera tequila


PaQuí is crafted to be the smoothest tequila in the world with a taste profile that optimizes the blue agave to achieve floral, grassy aromas, sweet agave fruit, complexity, and great drinkability.

100% agave reposado tequila


Aged for four months in former whisky barrels of American oak to yield a light touch of wood. This allows the full range of agave aromas and flavors to be delicately balanced with the oak.

Best Anejo Tequila


Aged just over a year in American oak barrels, our Añejo has a significant oak presence in balance with the agave fruit, deeper notes of vanilla, nuts, caramel and a silky finish. A deliciously complex balance of aromas and flavors not dominated by oak.

lejana y sola

Lejana Y Sola Mezcal

Very faint smoke in perfect balance with the inviting sweet agave character. Intriguing notes of spices, earth and musk. The Cuishe agave adds mysterious flavor notes with no easy comparison. Very drinkable and smooth with lingering flavors.

Joe L.

"I have not been a Tequila fan since 1984, PaQuí just changed my view that I had on Tequila for over 33 years."

Clarence F.

"My wife, brother, and neighbors really enjoyed PaQuí...the looks on their faces were priceless. Your product just blew them away."

James J.

"I compared it head to head with the other luxury brands. PaQuí was more flavorful and smoother than all of them. No impurities or harshness. Investing was a no-brainer."

Kevin M.

"I really can’t believe how good [the Silvera and Reposado] are straight. I truly wish I had invested at a higher level now. I think you have a very promising tequila. Excellent job."


"Got mine today. It’s everything as advertised and more. Used to be a diehard Patron drinker. But not anymore. Soo much better."