In the Bottle: 5/5

The presentation of PaQuí Silvera Tequila is very attractive. The bottle arrives in a beautiful cardboard box which mirrors the bottle presentation and opens from the front to allow you to display the bottle within the box for your guests to enjoy. The decanter inside oozes style and luxury. In fact, it is one of the nicest decanter/bottles I have encountered. They even got the cork right as the bottle is topped by a high density synthetic cork which provides a nice satisfying ‘pop’ when the PaQuí is opened.

In the Glass 8.5/10

Upon pouring the glass I noticed a light sheen on the sides of my vessel which indicated the presence of a light oil. The Tequila has no colour at all, that is to say, it has, to my eye at least, perfect clarity. The aroma from the glass is laid back. An earthy agave scent is present, but it does not jump from the glass, rather it seeps out slowly. Very light citrus tones follow, but they do not try to assault the nostrils, rather they lie very gently in the breezes. At this point I would describe PaQuí Silvera as a very gentle approachable spirit.

In the Mouth 49/50

The gentle laid back style continues into the mouth. At the forefront of the flavour is an earthy agave and fruit. The flavour carries buttery nuances as well as a light citrus zest behind the agave fruit. The tequila has a vegetal quality, with the agave carrying more herbal tones than spice. In fact, the peppery spice which is at the forefront of most tequila I have tried, is pushed somewhat into the background here. Whether this laid back style is due to a filtering process, or whether it is due to the selective distillation process I am unsure. In any case what remains is a Tequila spirit with a soft Vodka-like delivery. The harshest elements are absent but the heart of the agave remains. I continue to believe that this spirit is extremely approachable for any spirits lover, but I also believe that the sharper spices which have been polished and buffed into submission will be missed by the veteran Tequila aficionado.

In the Throat 12.5 /15

The finish is very subdued with a mineral oil finish. There is no burn at all, and the agave leaves subtle traces of its presence in the throat. I usually hope for a little more kick than this spirit has, but I can definitely understand the appeal of a Tequila which is easy to sip and easy on the throat.

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