San Francisco Chronicle

Paqui Silvera ($40) Made at Autentica Tequilera in the town of Tequila from agave grown in Tequila Valley. We loved how clean and intense the flavors were, with a balance of peppery, musky and fruity flavor.

While we thought Paqui was beautifully bold – a real Tequila drinker’s (or for that matter a scotch drinker’s) Tequila – we thought Partida, with its demurer flavor profile, was equally lovely. But when it came to a margarita there was no competition. Paqui won hands down. “It just stands out,” said East Bat bartender Matt Burbach. “And even though it has a strong presence, it really melds well with the drink,” agreed Duggan McDonnell, another of our tasters and owner of Cantina in San Francisco.