PaQuí Silvera Tequila

_Importer: Tequila Holdings, Pasadena, California
__INGREDIANT:100% Agave _PROOF: 80 (40%)
_AGE: Fresh from the Still
_TYPE: Silver (Blanca, Joven, Plata), Lowland
_PRICE: $40.00 – 750 ML

__Notes: This tequila is produced in the town of Tequila, in the state of Jalisco, the heart of tequila country. This is the youngest expression of this particular line. Another slightly older expression the paQuí Reposado, there is also a anejo – paQuí Anejo.__Using Blue Weber Agave of a much older age than most – especially for a Lowland where the average age seems to be 3-5 years at most – they use 8 to 12 year old agave. This gives an agave plant more time to mature and develop a sense of terroir and nuance, which is clearly discernable in the finished product.

__Appearance: Crystal clear, lovely body. On swirling, it leaves a very light coating on the glass which then forms some legs which then leave a constellation of droplets on the sides of the nosing glass. __First Impression: Has a unmistakable aromatic hallmarks of a good lowland tequila: Fruity, sweet brine, savory, citrusy.

Taste: Wonderful glycerin / saplike body. Sweetish entry drying rapidly but pleasantly. Savory, orange, citrus and pepper. Some mineral notes with spice and citrus. Finishes a touch dry with savory, citrusy ending, medium-long, very smooth.
Drinks: Actually not bad on its own- sip it don’t shoot it. One of the few silver tequilas you can drink straight without wincing. Makes for a wonderful margarita, so as with any excellent tequila be sure to use fresh juice and Grand Marnier or Cointreau- anything less would be an insult to the tequila and a waste. Also the lovely fruitiness makes for a more complex and multilayered group of flavors in any drinks calling for a tequila – and the price doesn’t break the bank.

Final Thoughts: Very nicely done, especially since this is a Lowland tequila. I have a personal preference for Highland tequilas usually- but this one is quite outstanding. While they do use some no traditional methods (such as shredding and rolling the agave – they do use superior agave to begin with and a deft hand at making the proper cuts in the distillation to make a excellent product. This coupled with the low price given the quality paQuí should make a number of other, more well known brands, lose some sleep.