Tequila Examiner

PaQuí Silvera Tasting Notes

In the glass, PaQuí Silvera is crystal clear with little or no thickness; it looks like spring water. It has a strong, but not astringent bouquet with balanced scents of citrus, pepper, and agave. Like the smell, the first sip is remarkably fresh and tastes very pure. It is, perhaps, one of the most crisp blancos I have had that packs such a remarkable amount of flavor without a bit of harshness at some point in the tasting experience. It has a medium-long finish with alternating notes of citrus and pepper. The complexity and crispness of flavor make this an excellent blanco to sip. I would even try it over ice – the flavor is strong enough that you can appreciate the coolness without sacrificing flavor from any melted ice cubes. The PaQuí Silvera also stands up very well in a cocktail, but because it has a more powerful flavor than many tequilas, you may wish to be conservative with your pour.

Tequila Examiner Grade, PaQuí Silvera: A-