PaQui Tequila Silvera * Tasted December 2009 * Riedel Tequila Glass

  • Appearance: clear – thick body and slow tears
  • Aroma: mild cooked agave, asparagus, light floral and hint of ripe banana
  • Initial Taste: light sweet agave, hint of lemon
  • Spirit Body: black pepper and orange, with medium spiced heat
  • Finish / Aftertaste: warm mouthfeel, sweet / floral agave finish, with long orange and mint aftertaste
  • Refined and flavorful, PaQui is sure to please all palates.

Overall rating: 92
Aroma-Nose: 93
Initial Taste: 91
Body: 92
Finish: 92
Enjoyability: 94
Price: 91
Presentation: 92

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