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Tequila of the Month: PaQui SilveraBrand: Paqui Name: Silvera

Date: May/2010Type: Blanco/Plata
Aging Process: NoneDistillation: ?
Price (shot or bottle): $48/bottle Color:
White Diamond, Crystal Clear
Aroma: Floral and slightly fruity
First Taste: Smooth and easy
Body:Slightly sweet, a bit of spicy bite but not harsh or unpleasant
After Taste: Does not linger or burn, very clean
Smoothness: Smooth. Tasty, but won’t burn you Good. No burn, but a clean warmth.

Comments: We blind taste tested this tequila with an international taste panel with four countries represented (US, UK, FR, and TX). The competition was two established high profile luxury Blanco offerings that you would easily recognize. They were rated for Aroma, 1st Impressions, The body of the taste, Finish, and Overall impressions. Not only did Paqui compare favorably, but was selected as the best by half of the panel. The rest of the panel was split between the other two. Paqui won Best Aroma unani- mously. The distiller has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of real tequila. So if you want to impress your friends with a “true tequila” then spend some time lingering over a bottle of Paqui. You need to be willing to pay similar to other top of the line Blancos, but only if you are willing to learn the meaning of Paqui- “be happy”. We are looking forward to testing/reviewing the whole Paqui family. This was not a paid review.

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