21st Century Cocktail

Best margarita

21st Century Cocktail An updated version of the gin-based 20th Century Cocktail (originally named after the 20th Century Limited Express passenger train that ran between New York City and Chicago for 65 years), we’ve substituted in our deliciously smooth tequila for a refreshing flavor profile that wows the taste buds. A perfect nightcap. 21st CENTURY…

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PaQuí Revolver

tequila revolver recipe

PaQuí Revolver Cocktail A relatively recent cocktail, the Revolver earned it’s place in San Francisco where the theatrics of the flamed orange twist caused quite the stir. With sweet notes of chocolate, bright aromas of citrus, and calming earthy tones of coffee, the PaQuí Revolver is a perfect after-dinner or dessert drink designed to delight…

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The Zest

Tequila zest recipe

The Zest Essentially a pre-prohibition style old-fashioned, the Zest takes that classic flavor profile to an all-new high. Perfect for fueling your late nights and simple enough for everyone to enjoy, we invite you to revel in the bright citrus and spicy notes of the Zest. THE ZEST Ingredients 2 oz. (60ml) PaQuí Silvera, Reposado,…

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Oaxacan Tequila Old Fashioned

Old fashioned tequila recipe

Oaxacan Tequila Old Fashioned A veritable classic made for fine tequilas, this drink was made to honor Oaxaca as the gastronomical capital of Mexico. Though more traditionally known for their Mezcal, this reposado tequila cocktail has the complex breadth and savory depth of flavor that the region is known for. OAXACAN TEQUILA OLD FASHIONED Ingredients…

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