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Robb Report PaQuí, which means “to be happy” in the native Aztec language, is a new tequila handcrafted in small batches in the town of Tequila, Mexico, where its master distiller uses an elaborate process called selective distillation to create its distinctive flavor. This process separates the heart of the distillation and selects the superior flavors and aromas, creating a pure, ... Read More

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Wine yeast is used in the fermentation of this blanco Tequila. Hard to say if that’s the reason for its lovely and complex flavors, spanning lemon and grapefruit, vanilla and zingy pepper, plus an unexpected mineral-like note, but this bright, smooth Tequila is still a beauty. A top pick for Paloma cocktails. – K.N. Overall Rating: 94 Visit

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Paqui Silvera ($40) Made at Autentica Tequilera in the town of Tequila from agave grown in Tequila Valley. We loved how clean and intense the flavors were, with a balance of peppery, musky and fruity flavor. While we thought Paqui was beautifully bold – a real Tequila drinker’s (or for that matter a scotch drinker’s) Tequila – we thought Partida, ... Read More

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PAQUI SILVERA TEQUILA has such a smooth, agave-rich profile, with hints of smoke, white pepper, citrus. I’m happy to drink this one neat: a tequila where blue agave properties the spirit is known for are properly showcased. It is complex, robust but entirely drinkable with a gentle finish. No surprise, it worked beautifully in a margarita, presenting itself once again ... Read More

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The bottle that we are covering tonight retails for about $50 at the 750ml level, and provides imbibers with a tremendously calm and collected nose. However, the deceptive aging of the Pa’Qui Reposado is quite nice in one non-straight alley: try a shot of it over the rocks, and what an imbiber is left with is nothing short of sublime. ... Read More

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Fans of smooth tequilas will immediately dig PaQui’s body, at least once they get the cap off (hint: it’s actually a cork-style stopper, not a screwtop). Round and buttery, it has a nice velvety texture that is easy to sip. The flavor has a surprising amount of agave in it, considering how generally easygoing it is. There’s a touch of ... Read More