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No Bite - No Burn

We believe that you shouldn't have to suffer to drink tequila so we removed the impurities that make other tequilas burn.


Clean and crisp with a delicate finesse. Oak influence is light and tempers the agave without masking it.


Silvera is lively and subtly spicy upfront but finishes with gently lingering flavors and a soft, smooth finish.


Silky and rich with vanilla and butterscotch flavors. Finishes with a little sweetness and lingering oak.


Crafted by a Master Distiller

Made in small batches through Selective Distillation, PaQuí Silvera Tequila is hand-crafted to be the smoothest tequila in the world.

Blue Agave for Tequila

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Lejana y Sola – An ensemble mezcal made from Espadín and the wild Cuishe agave, the earthy profile here also features a subtle fruitiness.

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PaQui Tequila founder John Chappell has launched a new mezcal artesanal called Lejana y Sola. Made in Lachilà, Oaxaca from Espadin agave and wild Cuishe agave

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