Mango Chili Cocktail

Insanely delicious and surprisingly sophisticated, thanks to our savory mezcal and spicy Serrano pepper that balance the sweetness of the mango, this summery cocktail makes our mouths water just thinking about it! it’s surprisingly simple to create this elegant, tropical aperitif or after dinner treat.


  • 2.5 fl oz freshly pureed or real mango juice (we like Goya!)
  • 2 fl oz of Lejana Y Sola Mezcal
  • 0.5 fl oz agave syrup
  • Serrano pepper (2 thin slices)
  • Ice
  • Fresh mango pieces for garnish
  • Spice & salt mix for glass rim


  1. Fill mixing jar with ice
  2. Add in the agave syrup and mango puree (or juice)
  3. Add in 2 or 3 thinly sliced serrano pieces and the Lejana Y Sola Mezcal
  4. Mix well with a long bar spoon until drink is thoroughly cold, don’t shake
  5. Rim a taller glass with a spice & salt mix
  6. Pour the drink along with the ice into the glass, no strainer needed
  7. Garnish with pieces of fresh mango & serrano pepper

** Created by master mixologist and bartender Ruffo Bazan at Bar Mezcal in NYC.