PaQuí Blanco Tequila

Though PaQuí Tequila has been around awhile, it was just late 2020 that it became available in 6 states. It has a quality taste profile, certainly, but from a distilling approach and trends perspective, founder John Chappell’s goal was to create a tequila lacking the harsh bite or heat some consumers complain about in tequila. The smoothness is achieved by Jaliscan master distiller Gilberto Jasso’s technique with these three factors: using only agave piñas at exactly 26 brix ripeness (sugar level); fresh wine yeast vs. airborne yeast; tight cuts of the heads and tails from the “heart” of the distillate. Thankfully, silky and smooth doesn’t mean character-less as the bright agave notes come through in this youthful, floral blanco.

Taste rating: 4

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