5 Ways To Elevate Your Homemade Tequila Cocktails

Whether you can’t make it out to your local bars or prefer to sip premium tequila from the comfort of your own home, it’s time to breathe some new life into your favorite homemade cocktails.

Check out some of our favorite tips on elevating your favorite drink and giving it a fresh new feel that you’ll love to sip over and over again!

1. Get Top-Shelf Premium Tequila

Thought that you can get away with using cheap tequila as long as you cover it up with sugar-y mixers, lime and salt? You’ll be amazed at the dramatic difference a high quality premium tequila like PaQuí’s Silvera can make in terms of how smooth, naturally flavorful and delicious the cocktail can be. We promise, you won’t be wasting the luxury tequila even if you end up mixing it, although we do recommend against using overpowering pre-made sugary mixers nor going too heavy on the sweet juices.

Smooth, aromatic, and pleasurable enough to be sipped and savored, superior premium tequila should prioritize quality in taste and deliver a spirit you’ll love to sip and mix, elevating any cocktail to the next level.

2. Add A Garnish

Adding a garnish can help give your drink that professional signature. Different kinds of fruit, like oranges and limes, are a great garnish that can bring out the flavors of your cocktail in different ways. For example, pineapple can bring out more sweet notes, while an orange slice will give you a totally different crisp, refreshing experience. You can cut your fruit into circles or wedges, or even use the peel as a garnish on the rim or straw to have some fun.

You can also use sprigs of herbs, like rosemary, juniper, sage, or lavender, or dress up the rim of the drink with some salt, sugar, or spices. At PaQuí, we believe beautifully made cocktails will make for memorable nights!

3. Use Fresh Juice

Bottled lime or lemon juice is easy to have around the house, but when it comes to mixing your cocktails, there’s nothing better than cutting and squeezing fresh juice into your drink. Fresh juice will be tastier and provide more balance than any other alternatives.

Fresh citruses add amazing flavors to your home-made cocktails, and they couldn’t be easier to do. Just add a few oranges, limes, lemons, or grapefruits to your cart on your next shopping day and you’ll be ready to go.

4. Try Out Aromatics And Bitters

Aromatics add a dash of surprise and complexity to your drink that delights the senses. A classic choice, Angostura bitters are an essential part to many cocktails.

But there are many different types of bitters out there that you can either buy or make yourself. Ranging in a multitude of flavors like coffee, chocolate, and orange, bitters can elevate the taste of any drink.

5. Get Some New Glassware and Tools

The glassware you use doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but having the right equipment can take your cocktail to the next level. Old fashioned glasses, highball glasses, or lowball glasses like a rocks glass can make your drink look so much more enticing.

Also, there are a few other tools you can use to make your cocktail experience a little easier. When you add a mixing glass, shaker, bar spoon, jigger, strainer, and muddler into your home-bar, there’s no drink you won’t be able to make. Build up your home-bar arsenal and kick those plastic Solo cups to the curb.

Handmade Tequila Cocktails with PaQuí

By paying attention to these little details, your home bartending can be elevated from good to great. Having the right tools and glassware, using premium tequila, and focusing on syrups, garnishes and bitters are all key elements of a great cocktail.

With plenty of delicious recipes and high-quality premium tequilas to choose from, we can’t wait to see what you’ll make!