New Ways To Drink Tequila

New Ways To Drink Tequila

In a world where connecting in person happens less, and is as high stakes as ever, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to have fun, converse more openly, and enjoy the time together. Whether it’s with close friends, family members or a special new acquaintance, PaQuí Tequila can help you slip into that joyous, celebratory good mood – the sophisticated way.

Far from its party association, top-shelf premium tequilas that’s enjoyable to taste make for the perfect complement to enhance cultural experiences like food and music, and elicit more meaningful connections, all while keeping up the happy vibes.

The most fitting spirit to help you create life’s best memories, here are some of our favorite and perhaps unexpected new settings to enjoy PaQuí:

1. On a first date

Impress your date with a tequila experience that is more than just shots and margaritas. Tequila is soaring in popularity right now, but not many know how intriguing the drink can be when crafted authentically with the highest quality.

Order premium silver tequila that’s not only drinkable but delicious like PaQuí Silvera while out on the town, and “wow” your date by recommending that they initially try it neat. You’re sure to impress your date with your cultural and culinary tequila knowledge!

2. Do a taste test with your friends

Experience the wide breadth of tequila flavors and aromas with friends by hosting a tequila tasting. For the most variety, try one of each tequila type in what is called a vertical flight. By trying Silvera, Reposado, and Añejo one at a time, you can experience the spirit as it ages and find your favorite.

Or, you can try what is known as a horizontal flight, where you try a few different drinks of one type for the ultimate blind taste test. Put your expertise to the test to see if you’ll notice something new in each drink when it comes to flavors and aromas. With so many new tequilas out there, this is a fun spin on a wine tasting gathering - especially as some tequilas can really bring the burn. Mix it up with some delicious ones for some Russian roulette-style fun.

3. Go on a culinary journey

The natural sweetness and complexity of tequila’s countless aromas is the perfect way to enhance the flavors of food, when paired correctly.

Invite over friends and family and go on a tequila and culinary journey. Start with light appetizers, like a delicious ceviche, and pair it with the bright agave profile of a Silvera. Then move onto a grilled meat or vegetable main dish paired with Reposado, before a delicious dark chocolate mousse or other dessert paired with Añejo.


4. Host a Memorable Party

If you’re hosting the get-together, keep everyone’s spirits high by getting creative with a playful, tequila-centric cocktail menu! With a smooth, flavorful luxury tequila-like PaQuí, it’s easy to keep the recipes and ingredient list simple and have every one of them taste delicious. Not to mention, the bottle itself is a conversation starter and looks great on the counter.

Looking for cocktail recipes that are easy to make and designed to enhance PaQuí’s natural agave flavors? Visit our cocktail recipes page. Your guests will be lining up for more.

Experience More With A Premium Tequila

If you want the best drinking experience, not just any tequila will work. An authentic, luxury tequila should be made with perfectly matured, 100% blue weber agave, made without additives, and more.

Smooth, aromatic, and pleasurable enough to be sipped and savored, PaQuí Tequila prioritizes quality in taste and delivers a spirit you’ll love to sip.