5 of Our Favorite Ways To Drink Premium Tequila

Often considered to be the spirit to get that party started and fueled, our favorite spirit has in the past been touted for only two things: shots and fruity mixed drinks.

Though we love a good margarita and “crazy fun” nights on the town as much as anyone, there are so many different ways to explore the full taste profile of a premium tequila than salting your palate, throwing it back, and cutting away the taste on a lime.

The perception of tequila is changing and it is advancing in the alcohol industry as a premium spirit to simply sit back, sip and enjoy.

It’s time to forget everything you thought you knew about drinking tequila. Here are a few of our favorite ways among the many, to diversify and enhance your tequila repertoire and experience:

1. Neat

If you want the complete tequila experience, order it straight. No ice, no frills. Just a wide breadth of aromas and flavors to experience in each sip.

Sipping it neat allows you to pick through the subtleties, and taste each element present in your tequila. Unlike most other Silver or Blanco tequilas in the market today that are too harsh and biting to sip on its own, PaQuí Silvera is worth trying neat. We have selectively distilled it for the smoothest, most flavorful sipping experience ever. PaQuí Reposado and Añejo are also delightful to sip as the oak aging adds softness and vanilla and caramel notes.

2. On the Rocks

One of the most classic ways to enjoy the full flavors of tequila, try pouring this premium spirit over a couple of ice cubes in a lowball or single or double rocks glass.

What it lacks in creativity, it makes up for in a full flavor profile. Chilled with ice, this touch of water helps to mellow the various aromas and help you appreciate the other complexities in the drink. If you don’t want ice, you can also sprinkle a few drops of water into the drink and get the same effect.

3. Complemented With Fruit

While some argue that salt, lime and other citrus sides can help enhance the taste of tequila, others say that it changes and masks the flavor. If you like to have a fruit accompaniment to your drinking experience, try out different kinds of fruit to bring out the flavors in different ways. For example, pineapple can bring out more sweet notes, while an orange slice will give you a totally different crisp, refreshing experience.

4. Classic Margarita

To add a bit of fun to your drinking experience, try out a classic margarita. Avoid the frozen varieties, which can mask the taste of the liquor in an avalanche of sugar, and instead go classic (see our original skinny margarita recipe here) with actual ingredients to savor the flavor of the tequila.

Add some salt to your rim to counteract the sweetness of a classic margarita, and enjoy the agave notes shining through.

5. Smooth, Refreshing Spins on Classic Mixed Drinks

There are so many different cocktail types that can taste amazing and enhance your drinking experience when you swap out the typical spirit with the smooth, refreshing flavors of tequila. Here are some of our favorites!

Instead of Gin, try the Tequila Negroni! We've taken this classic gin cocktail and substituted with PaQuí Silvera which rounds out the slight bitter taste of a Negroni for a smooth, delicious drinking experience. A staple for any tequila aficionado, garnish with an orange peel.

Swap out the Rum with Tequila with this pretty Mojito de Flor: A popular cocktail with global appeal, the Mojito lives up to the magic of its namesake. What began as a medicinal drink to ward off illness, the Mojito found its popularity after associations with pirates, Ernest Hemingway and the James Bond film franchise (it's not just the martini!)

Keep the tropical look but lighten up the sweetness by using tequila instead with a Mexican Blue Hurricane! Can you pronounce “Curacao”? It's what gives the traditional Blue Hawaiian cocktail that ocean-blue tint and adds a unique bitter, orange flavor. Try: Cure-Ah-Sow.” We've taken this sweet cocktail and substituted rum with tequila for a more refreshing, lower-calorie take.

Start Off With A Premium Tequila

If you want the best drinking experience, not just any tequila will work. A premium tequila should be made with matured, 100% blue weber agave and made with a selective distillation process. You can definitely perceive the difference when a luxury tequila like PaQuí Silvera is used in a cocktail compared to a lesser, inexpensive brand.

Smooth, aromatic, and pleasurable enough to be sipped and savored, superior premium tequila should prioritize quality in taste and deliver a spirit you’ll love to sip and mix.

At PaQuí, we relish in the complex flavors and aromas that premium tequila encapsulates. Perfect for sipping and savoring, try out our products at a location near you.