Best Tequila Cocktails For Whiskey Lovers

Best Tequila Cocktails For Whiskey Lovers

Whiskey, scotch, and bourbon...these three spirits have long been known as the gold standard for a sophisticated and smooth drink.

But the right premium tequila can give these beloved spirits a run for their money. Smooth, aromatic, and pleasurable enough to be sipped and savored, superior premium tequila should prioritize quality in taste and deliver an enjoyable drinking experience.

The agave flavor of tequila also brings delicious fruit and complexity to drinks that you won't find in any other distilled spirit. That’s why we’re introducing 3 classic cocktails with a new tequila-spin that even the most seasoned whiskey drinker will enjoy.

Tequila Old Fashioned

A vintage cocktail, the Old Fashioned typically spotlights whiskey as the spirit of choice. At PaQuí, we’ve taken this classic recipe that has been around for over 200 years and substituted in tequila for an unforgettable flavor and addictiveness.

With simple syrup, bitters, and an orange peel to garnish, whisky-lovers will love the smoother, more grounded taste of this cocktail.

Tequila Sour

Experience something new by pairing the classic egg white of a whiskey sour with tequila. With a refreshing flavor paired with a creamy, frothy top, the tequila sour combines liquor, sour, and sweet for a classy and laid back drink. And to make it even better, try topping it with a few drops of bitters for a flavor that will awaken your taste buds.

On The Rocks Or Sip It Neat

One of the most classic ways to enjoy the full flavors of tequila, try pouring this premium spirit over a couple of ice cubes in a lowball or single or double rocks glass, or just sip it neat. No frills, just a wide breadth of aromas and flavors to experience in each sip.

Unlike most other Silver or Blanco tequilas in the market today that are too harsh and biting to sip on its own, PaQuí Silvera is worth sipping neat, or try Reposado and Añejo for extra softness and vanilla and caramel notes.

Tequila Negroni

A twist on the classic negroni, we’ve substituted in tequila instead of gin to spice up this cocktail. Balancing out the sweetness of Campari without removing the complete flavor profile of a Negroni, tequila’s fresh agave essence elevates this drink to a new level. Beautiful in its simplicity – you just need to mix in equal parts Campari, tequila, and sweet vermouth over ice.

What Type of Tequila Should I Use?

Before you try to mix in any tequila into these classic recipes, take pause. Not any tequila will do. Here are some tips on finding the smoothest, most delicious premium tequila you’d want to taste.

  • Perfectly Matured 100% Blue Weber Agave
    Some brands pick their agave early,  but to make PaQuí, our agave is picked at 7 to 10  years at 25-26 BRIX allowing the full expression of agave fruit and complexity.
  • Selective Distillation Process
    We purify our tequila by taking the distillation process one crucial step further. By separating the heart of the agave fruit we remove harsh tasting impurities  allowing the pleasant aromas, fruit, complexity, minerals, and soft finish to be apparent.
  • Reserved Wood Time
    Our aged styles are unique in that the light touch of oak is in delicious balance with the sweet agave fruit that is so apparent in the Silvera.

At PaQuí, we relish bringing you the complex flavors and aromas of luxury tequila. Perfect for sipping and savoring, try our products at a location near you.