Add A Little Tequila Cheer To The Holidays: PaQuí’s Gift Giving Guide

Add A Little Tequila Cheer To The Holidays: PaQuí’s Gift Giving Guide

Made for sharing, sipping, and enjoying with family and friends - Tequila really is the gift that keeps giving.

With holiday celebrations gearing up, there’s no better time to give the gift of tequila than now. Whether it's for the tequila-aficionado in your life or as a coworker's holiday gift - this spirit can lighten, if not energize the mood, and bring happiness to any situation.

Not sure how to pick the right tequila? Follow along for our favorite tips on luxury spirit gifting!

Premium, Great Tasting Luxury Tequila

When gifting tequila, don’t reach for the center shelf. The best tequilas are smooth, aromatic, and pleasurable enough to be sipped and savored and those, most often, come at a price as it requires incredible know-how, energy and attention to create gift-worthy, great tasting tequila.

At PaQuí, we collaborate with two tequila industry veterans from Mexico who are as passionate as the brand founder in creating a truly original tequila from scratch that is simply, and uniquely delicious. Unlike many other tequilas, we have invested the time, attention and energy to ensure that none of our partners in the production process cut any corners and that our liquid is superior and one-of-a-kind. After all, it’s our goal to deliver a premium tequila that prioritizes quality in taste and delivers an enjoyable drinking experience.

When looking for the best ultra-premium tequila, here are some things to be aware of:

  • 100% Blue Weber Agave. If not 100%, the tequila can contain anything else that can be fermented, like potatoes or sugar cane, diluting the flavors of the agave. But beware, various brands that claim 100% Blue Weber Agave might still be including flavors such as Vanilla into the liquid during production. Not us, of course.
  • Perfectly Ripened, Mature Agave. Many brands pick their agave after only 4 years. At PaQuí, our agave is picked at 7+ years when the sugar level or BRIX, has reached the 25 - 26 mark, in order to create a delicious tequila that is abundant in flavor and aromas.
  • Selective Distillation Process. Premium tequilas with a soft, smooth finish will go the extra step in the distillation process to remove the harsh tasting impurities that lend to the typical burn and bite. We are one of the few brands that take this step as it dramatically reduces yield.

Choosing the Right Tequila Type

With each tequila type uniquely suited for a different type of drinking, here’s how to know to pick the best type for gifting, depending on the occasion:

  • Blanco (PaQuí Silvera): Kick off the party with this social-gathering staple. Tequila in its purest form, blancos are clear in color and are most often bottled after distillation, without any time spent aging in oak barrels. They are perfect for sipping neat or mixing. When sipping, you get the purest expression of agave’s natural floral and grassy aromas.
  • Reposado: Got a colleague that love to sip on fine wines, scotch or Japanese whisky? Reposados spend a few months to a year aging in oak barrels, which gives it a beautiful golden color. Due to the subtle balance of fruits, florals, and spices that aging adds to the flavor, this spirit is perfect for heavier or more complex tequila mixed drinks like a tequila old fashioned, Mexican mule and smokier margaritas.
  • Añejo: Save this one for you and your special life- or drinking-partner, whether that’s your dad, mom, or a best friend from back home. Or just you. With the longest time spent aging in oak barrels, and a deep golden brown hue, Añejo is known as the premium sipping tequila. On top of the agave fruit you will find a silky and rich flavor spiced with notes of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch and custard.

Pairing Tequila With The Right Glass


Temperature, taste, aroma - the shape of your glass will have a subtle effect on your overall drinking experience. The best tequila glasses, like Riedel’s Ouverture, are designed to showcase the aromatics and flavor characteristics of tequila, while minimizing any harsh burn on the nose and palate.

If you’re planning on gifting an ultra-premium, great tasting tequila like PaQuí, pairing it with the right glass will help your friends or loved ones experience the full spectrum of aromas and flavors.

Get Into The Holiday (Agave) Spirit With PaQuí

PaQuí Tequila is made for sharing, sipping and enjoying. Share in this holiday season with your friends and loved ones, lift up your glass, and toast to health and happiness.