7 Best Citrus and Tequila Pairings


7 Best Citrus and Tequila Pairings

Whether you are enjoying tequila on the rocks or mixed into a cocktail, adding some citrus - whether in the shape of a peel, juice, pulp, or zest - can add a delicious contrast to the rich agave flavors of premium tequila, like PaQuí.

From classic lime to exotic bergamot, we’ve pulled together a mini-citrus guide, complete with our original recipes, to show how even the most reliable (or unexpected) citruses can pair beautifully with PaQuí to create a refined cocktail that’s next-level.


1. Lime

Lime is the typical go-to when it comes to masking the bad taste of cheap tequila or adding acidity to counterbalance the overly sweet mixers in a tequila cocktail but it could be so much more. When fresh squeezed lime juice is paired with PaQuí, the refreshing acidity of the lime perfectly balances with the subtle, naturally sweet agave notes of our Silvera to create a simple, delicious drink that needs nothing else (beyond ice) to taste like a flavorful, complex cocktail.

Make it with PaQuí: The PaQuí Primera Margarita

2. Lemon

A tart, more fruit-forward version of lime, the zest, juice, peel, and pulp of lemons can add a tangy sweetness to tequila. When paired with our Silvera, the lemon can work to highlight and enhance the wide range of agave aromas and flavors that you might not have picked up before such as floral, grassy aromas, white pepper, vanilla and other herbal undertones including yes, Meyer lemon and honeysuckle.

Zest or juice a lemon into a margarita or cocktail or use a lemon wedge to wet the rim of your glass to add a touch of citrusy brightness to each sip.

Make it with PaQuí: 21st Century Cocktail

3. Orange

Orange can bring an excellent balance to silver tequila. Similar to lemons, oranges are a versatile citrus in which every element can be used. Flame the peel, add the juice, or use the pulp for a sweet and crisp addition. You can also add some extra character by substituting it out for tangerines or clementines!

Make it with PaQuí: Skinny Margarita


4. Grapefruit

Featured in many of the most popular tequila cocktails from the Paloma to the Margarita, grapefruit is a long time citrus-buddy of tequila. Summery, light, and refreshing - you can choose pink, white, or ruby red but we highly recommend you using a fresh grapefruit instead of pre-packaged juice to give your cocktail that super fresh look and taste. Keep it simple and delicious by pairing Silvera with just club soda, freshly-squeezed grapefruit and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. We also recommend making it the classic Mexican Paloma way with grapefruit soda!

Make it with PaQuí: Grapefruit Paloma Tequila

5. Blood Orange

A variety of orange, the blood orange typically has a dark crimson flesh with a rosy rind and tend to be less acidic than traditional oranges. With a touch of raspberry and strawberry notes, they offer a sweet flavor profile that adds depth of flavor to drinks. As fun to look at as they are to taste, adding blood orange, instead of the regular old orange, can bring some flair to your next tequila cocktail.

Blood orange slices dry beautifully, too, making it a high impact garnish that makes any cocktail look mixologist-crafted.

Make it with PaQuí: Blood Orange Tequila Hot Toddy

6. Yuzu

A more exotic citrus fruit that’s often used in Japanese cuisine, Yuzu is an unexpected delight when paired with PaQuí Silvera. Taste wise, yuzu is very aromatic (a little goes a long way!) and the sourness is somewhere between lime, lemon and grapefruit. The yuzu’s juice and zest can be used as a sour and fragrant addition to a simple cocktail like a Yuzu Margarita with nothing but Yuzu, our Silvera, a dash of agave syrup and if preferred, a shiso leaf for garnish.

Veer on the side of using less Yuzu than you would lime or lemon as it can be quite fragrant and you never want to overwhelm the agave flavors of PaQuí.

7. Bergamot

Another type of orange, the Bergamot orange has its own unique taste and visual appeal. With a green rine akin to a lime, the fruit holds a floral, tart taste that represents notes of lemon and bitter orange. With a rounded flavor profile, bergamot rinds, juice, wedges, or zest can be used to add a new and interesting dimension to your next winter cocktail.

Instead of using an orange or grapefruit, try using fresh squeezed bergamot juice in a margarita  or a slice of bergamot rind to garnish your tequila negroni.

Ready to pair some of these amazing citruses with an amazing tequila? PaQuí is here to help you on your way with our line of sweet, flavorful, and complex high-end tequilas. With the smoothest luxury tequilas in the world, shop now!