The Best Type Of Tequila For Margaritas


The Best Type Of Tequila For Margaritas

One of our favorite year-round cocktails is the margarita. But though there are many delicious mixes and flavors to explore in your cocktail - the most important flavor is tequila.

The base of any good margarita, when made with a high-quality tequila, you’ll find a smoother, rounder, and more delicious drink. Forget about that burning alcohol bite and harsh finish. When you have a premium tequila and clean margarita recipe, you won’t need any sweet mixers or juices to make a simply delicious cocktail.

So how do you pick the best tequila for your margarita? Here’s what you need to know.


What type of tequila tastes the best in margaritas?

A silver, or blanco, such as PaQuí’s Silvera Tequila mixes beautifully with almost any refreshing, bright cocktail. Tequila in its purest form, Silvera provides a strong agave-forward taste profile that works perfectly in citrusy cocktails like margaritas and Palomas.

From the enticing floral and grassy aromas to the notes of sweet agave fruit, vanilla, pepper, and minerals - the flavors of PaQuí’s Silvera shine through in a mixed drink.

However, if you are looking to make a smokier flavored margarita that pairs well with a kick of spice, a Reposado is well suited for heavier or more complex tequila mixed drinks. Giving the taste of earthy tones with a touch of clove, mint, and bay leaf, PaQuí’s Reposado adds another layer of flavor that serious marg lovers will enjoy discovering.

What to look for in a premium tequila

When it comes to choosing the best tequila, here are some elements to look for:

  • Make sure your tequila is 100% blue weber agave, and not cut with any artificial flavorings or additives like sugar or corn syrup.
  • Fermentation and distillation techniques have a profound effect on the taste profile. Look for a tequila that allows the pleasant aromas, fruit, complexity, minerals, and soft finish to be apparent.
  • Tequila is generally known for its typical throat burning-sensation and biting finish. PaQuí takes the extra step that most brands don’t take to remove the harsh tasting impurities such as fusil oils and congeners from the heart of the distillate for a smooth, flavorful tequila.
  • The best-tasting tequilas fully respect the agave plant, giving it the time it needs to reach perfect maturity. Many brands take shortcuts and harvest their agave before it is fully ripe, thereby, making it necessary to add in sweeteners and additives.

At PaQuí, we take no shortcuts when it comes to the quality of our tequila. With a smooth, flavorful tequila that allows drinkers to taste the wide range of pleasant aromas of the blue agave fruit, our spirits are perfect for sipping, savoring, and mixing - especially in margaritas

How to mix a delicious margarita

The more simple and clean the margarita recipe, the more delicious it will be with the addition of good tequila. Many people think they need to cover up the bitter flavor with overly sugary cocktail ingredients, but when you are working with a premium tequila, that is not the case. You don’t want your margaritas to be too sweet or flavored, or else it will overwhelm the natural sweetness and delicate finesse of the tequila and agave taste.

Our Favorite Margarita Recipe!

With our Silvera Tequila, there’s no need to add an orange liqueur or triple sec to make your classic margarita taste delicious. A clean, fresh way to enjoy PaQuí and also, how our founder likes his margaritas, is to replace the orange taste with the natural aromatic oils from the orange peel itself. For how to make this easy but sophisticated, visit our cocktails recipe page here.

Looking to try out PaQuí in other easy but creative margarita recipes that are being offered at some of our most stylish bar and restaurant partners? Try out some of our favorites:

  • Chamomile-High Margarita
    An original PaQuí recipe created by Amanda Sasser of All’Acqua in Los Angeles, this chamomile margarita combines sweet and aromatic flavors for a fresh twist on a classic cocktail. With a perfect balance of the soft, honeyed notes of chamomile with the spice of tequila, you get a delicious mix of flavors perfect for the City of Angels.
  • Hibiscus Margarita
    A refreshing spin on a classic cocktail with a deep magenta hue and some antioxidant-rich hibiscus and hydrating aloe to top it off. A perfect balance of sweet and sour, it's perfect for summer celebrations.
  • Pink Lemonade Margarita
    A refreshing and fun summer cocktail, this pink tequila drink adds a new twist on a timeless cocktail. A go-to margarita for warm weather barbeques and rooftop bars, enjoy the fusion of sweetness and citrus tang.
  • Margarita du Soleil
    An original PaQuí recipe created by Maxime Rousselot of Bar du Soleil in New York City, this grapefruit margarita takes the beloved Paloma to a whole new level. Light, refreshing, and with a beautiful pink hue, this is the perfect celebration cocktail inspired by the City That Never Sleeps.

If you want to be adventurous, here are a few other ingredients that we feel complement Silvera best: orange peel, basil, serrano peppers, watermelon, lime (of course!), sage and more

Ready to mix your way to a perfect margarita? PaQuí is here to help you on your way with our line of sweet, flavorful, and complex high-end tequilas. With the smoothest luxury tequilas in the world, shop now!