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Mezcal vs Tequila: Answering Your Most Popular Questions

One of the top five players in the US bars and restaurants scene, tequila is a well-known and loved Mexican spirit. But with a booming enthusiasm for artisanal drinks making its way through bars, mezcal has been taking the spirits industry by storm.

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Best Tequila Cocktails For Whiskey Lovers

Whiskey, scotch, and bourbon…these three spirits have long been known as the gold standard for a sophisticated and smooth drink. But the right premium tequila can give these beloved spirits a run for their money.

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Gear Up for Summer with 5 Must-Try Summer Tequila Cocktails

No other spirit can get you in the mood for summer like tequila – the perfect spirit for long days and warm nights. While margaritas are a classic summer cocktail, there are many more tequila drinks you can experiment with as you gear up for the warmer-weather months ahead.

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How-to Tips in Crafting Your Own Tequila Cocktails

In the world of mixology, there are many terms that a home-crafter may not be familiar with when crafting tequila cocktails. But cocktail-making doesn’t have to be mysterious. With just a few tips from the pros, shaking up a cocktail for guests (or yourself) is a skill that anyone can pick up.

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5 Ways To Elevate Your Homemade Tequila Cocktails

Whether you can’t make it out to your local bars or prefer to sip premium tequila from the comfort of…

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How to enjoy tequila over the holidays

PaQuí Tequila Holiday Gift Guide

As the holidays come rolling around, here at PaQuí we’re inspired to get into the agave spirit. Letting a colleague…

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best tequila cocktails

Bartending Basics: Mixing a Balanced Cocktail With Premium Tequila

Now that we’ve grown accustomed to drinking at home — with some of us venturing beyond wines and beer to…

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paqui tequila icon

PaQuí Ultra-Premium Tequila Launches in Six Markets

New York, NY – Oct. 13, 2020 –PaQuí Tequila is officially launching to the trade in six states, including NY, CA, FL, GA, SC and TN. PaQuí is an exciting addition to the Tequila category because it was specially created to express the best parts of the blue agave fruit’s more than 600 aroma and flavor compounds, avoiding the harsh bite of most Tequilas.

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agave syrup

Surprising Health Benefits of Tequila Vs. Other Spirits

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, you may be surprised to know that there are certain qualities in tequila that…

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Best tequila brands

5 of Our Favorite Ways To Drink Premium Tequila

Often considered to be the spirit to get that party started and fueled, our favorite spirit has in the past…

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myths about paqui

7 Myths About Tequila, Debunked

When you think of tequila, for many the first image that pops into your mind may be late nights and…

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PaQui Tequila Master Distiller

Tasting Tequila 101: How to Drink Tequila According to a Master Distiller

It’s time to diversify the way you drink tequila and go beyond the shots and margaritas. Most of us are…

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